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Medical facilities

In hospital facilities, water is used in a wide range of processes that are characterised by strict requirements for quality, such as sterilisation, ultrasound and more. One of the main water treatment processes in hospitals is the elimination of bacteria, including Legionella, and the prevention of its recurrence.
In addition to specialised fields, water is also used in auxiliary operations such as kitchens, air conditioners, bathrooms, boiler rooms and the laundry.
Through modification, we not only ensure hygienically safe water that meets the strictest criteria, but also cost savings.

We tailor our non-toxic water treatment solution individually to your needs.

What will our non-toxic water treatment bring you? What can you look forward to with us?

  • cleans and microbially stabilises/protects water, i.e., prevents microorganism recurrence, including Legionella
  • the entire final cleaning process ensures the gradual disposal of living biofilm in pipelines and prevents its recurrence
  • removes organic chemicals and their metabolites in various proportions
    reduces lime scale build-up
  • unattended operation and minimum maintenance requirements, only change the insert, stabilisers and UV lamp once a year
  • no toxic substances, chlorine-free water and chemicals are produced
  • reduces the overall costs of maintenance and repair of fittings, appliances, etc.
  • the STABFOR® unit is installed on the water supply in the building
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