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Realised orders:

Bakery and cafe CHLEBA SE SOLÍ         Logo CHSS

The treated water is used to make all kinds of pastries, coffe and drink preparations. The water is also used for washing dishes, sanitary ware and ovens. It is possible to taste the water in shop, thanks to long-term stabilisation the water can be stored in exposed barrels for several months.

Main benefits:

  • Flour absorbs about 15-20% more water-> increase the weight of the dough by approximately 5-10%-> increase production by around 5-10%-> increase in sales at the same or negligibly higher cots
  • Coffe tastes significantly better -> up to three times higher coffe consumption

The return on investment just related to the sale of bread is approximately 4 months. When other benefits (coffe, pastries, rolls, etc.) ares included, the return is considerably faster.



Apartment building and Community Centre Na Zámečku

Feedback from tenants of an apartment building:

"After fitting the STABFOR® unit to the apartment building, we were very pleasantly surprised by its result. The taste of the water is now so soft, nearly sweet. During that year, we also noticed that no limescale settled on the fauces, for example, in the kettle, we just wiped off a light white deposit with a cloth..."

"We cannot smell Chlorine or other chemicals in the water anymore. We our own taking water with us now."

"The flowers lasted 14 days in the vase. The tomatoes in the pot lasted and spawned beautifully until the of October, withnout the fungus."

Apartment building (Poříčí chateau) and Community Centre, Boršov nad Vltavou, one year after installing the STABFOR® XL and L unit


Ostrava residential building

STABFOR® XL unit was installed for water treatment in the entire residential building, 22 residential units 


House in the Sun

Feedback from the apartment buinlding owner:

,,I wanted to enjoy healthy water an I also wanted it for all tenants, so I decided to buy a STABFOR® unit for the entire aparment building. After installing the unit in the apartment building, we initially had to get used to the water's new taste due to the previous treatment plant. But now we are really feel that the water is tastier and softer. I'm extremely happy that we no longer shower/bathe in the water that smells of chlorine and chemicals. Overall I'm very satisfied with the water as such. I'm absolutely convinced that byuing the unit was a step in the right direction, so I highly recommend it."

House in the Sun, residential apartments and office premises, Pilsen, 8 month after the installation of the STABFOR® XL unit


Our clients' response:

 "We live in a family house near a village and we have our own well as a source of drinking water. From the beginning we fought with quality and taste of the water. We have always had water suitable and according to analyses in standards, but too ferric and hard, including mechanical impurities and turbidities. The water wasn't excellent in taste. We reassured ourselves that the most important thing is that we don't have to treate the water chemically. We tried some filtration, but it was always the main criterion without chemistry.

After installing the STABFOR® unit, the water has improved in taste significantly. If we perceive this ourselves, I might think we were infulenced by the consciousness of the unit installation, but changes were also noticed by others who knows our water, drink it and had no idea of the unit's installation. So we only have the best experience with STABFOR® unit. In a few months, when the "old" dirt is released from the pipeline, we want to try analysing the water before entering the unit as well as after the unit.

I can't describe exactly what happened, not do I know exactly what the STABFOR® unit doeswith water, but the difference is huge. So I recommend it to all who like drinking water..."

                                                                                                                       Jan Vilánek, co-owner of the Auböck construction company


,,After installing tne STABFOR® unit, we were extremely surprised by the water great taste and especially the effect on the skin, which really softened after showering. The husband has psoriasis in his hair and after half a year the deposits are not clear at all and skin is healed. When my daughters come to visit, they comment and praise that their hair is beautifully fine and shiny after washing... We also see a big difference in the colour and quality of the lawn, which we are watering with unit water for the first time this year. Several neighbours have already asked us how we do that to have such a green dense lawn. Overall, we are very satisfied with the STABFOR® unit and we can definitely recommend it, it is a great investment."

                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Koller, Ostrava

" I installed the STABFOR® unit more than a year ago and I'm very satisfield. The difference in taste is really significant. Now I also like drinking the water itself withnout flavouring, witch I didn't like before. I now bring my own water work... I would like to recomment the STABFOR® unit to anyone who cares about themselves and water."

Jan Konůpek, college teacher


"Less than a week after installing the STABFOR® unit, the water was clearer, more sparkling and the difference was really noticeable. When I shower with this water, it's hard to describe, but the water feels so light and pleasant for me. It's simply very pleasant to shower with this water. It also tastes better, of course.

As for other use of water from the STABFOR® unit, for example in the garden, it's clear that after spraying the water from the unit on a tree where the aphids were, they disappeared after several applications. I sprinkle fruit trees over the leaves and their curly-style has already eased. We also make healthy drinks with this water from natural culture (yeasts and bacteria), witch are very sensitive to any chemicals and only really good quality water can be used for their production. So I'm really happy with the unit."

Petr Přecechtěl, Vitčice


,,All the water I use in the garden flows throught the STABFOR® unit and the upstream softener. I use the water mainly to fill the pool, replenish it and irrigate the cultivated land. These are outdoor vegetable beds and a foil-beds measuring 6 x 3.75 m. The above areas are irrigated with installed upper iffigation.

There is no public water supply in our village, individual houses have their wells. The water from our source is extremely hard. In a stainless steel, round pool (13.5 m3), limescale settled on the sides at surface level, which eliminated. "pleasant contact with the body". I used to solve this "inconvenience" by applying chemicals. This season was different. After filling the water through the hardness treatment plant and the STABFOR® unit, the sides of water is splashed out. We add water from the well through the treatment plant and everything is as I described above.

I regularly watered the garden, everything grew (even things that I didn't require :-) ) "like crazy". I had/have crops in beds: potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, kohlrabi, beans and beets. I splayed on tomatoes at the beginning of September, on potatoes it was a bit earlier, but it didn't bother me much.

The yield was substantial, but I cannot objectively state what it would be like without irrigation through the unit. I have irrigation installed for the first year. This comparison would be made if same crops were irrigated on the same part of the garden with untreated water and on the other part with treated water ( but I am not going to do this Michurin experiment :-) ).

Vít Pělucha, Holešov, one year after installing the STABFOR® 


,,We have had STABFOR® unit for a little over a year. We take water from a private individual owner from a surface water source not far our house. It is officially utility water, unsuitable for a drinking. After installing the unit, the whole family, including children, drink water. It has beautiful colour, aroma and taste, such a deliciously springy, non-chemical. Like water from a famous well. All our visitors say so when they taste it. My mother-in-law lies in Rokytnice nad Jizerou, where they are connected to the city water supply system, and when she comes to visit, she takes a few bottles home with her."

Zuzana Háková, Malá Skála, one year after installing the STABFOR® unit.



"We agree with everything wrriten by Mrs. Spoustová, and we also have ZEOFOR®, which I cleaned after 3 months, so I saw how much does it caught. My wife says our well water is now soft and caressing her body as she takes a shower. In additional, we feel that the dirt in the pipes is slowly cleaned. We are very pleased and warmly recommend this facility to all who have problems with clean water."

                                                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Příhoda, Uherský Brod 



"I heard an interesting conversation once during breakfast. Something about - water energy, watel healing, water protection and stabilisation... Because my husband is plumber and he brings home filtres and something for treatment, I immediately urged him to find out more. We listened several times to the interview with Mr. Zdeněk Čermák, read everything that was available a year and a half ago so we get a better idea. We want to drink living water, we want to shower and bathe in living water and we want to give our garden the same thing, because it is also alive. We went to Prague, where New Human Solution s.r.o. resided and tasted living water directly from the "spring", i.e. the healed water directly from the STABFOR® unit. We made our minds up very quickly and, surprisingly, even my husband Josef agreed, who is very often critical when I find something out as I am woman. The unit was in our home quite quickly. But as it happens... I still had to wait a while for the unit to be installed. It will be almost a year now and our water os sacred to us. We bought glass bottles, carafes, jugs and, where possible, we take the water with us. We have already experienced many funny moments when we drink behind the wheel or at work from a bottle with a patented cap, many peoples are scared that we drink plum brandy. I'm a creative being, I don't quite understand how everything in the unit works, but I know that our body needs. We like the water very much, even my hair has thickened. Faucets shine beautifully and the flowers have leaves like plates. My husband loves how his body is indulging the minerals and everything it needs.

At the time when we had the unit ordered, I went to visit my sister and she was still nattering on about how people are "terrible"... etc. I couldn't listen to it anymore, so I played her a video about healing the water. She told me in a moment that she wanted it. They have very calcareous water that tasted bad. Very soon after installation, she praised the change. Our daughter lives with her family in the same locality, so they also bought the unit for healing the water, they want to give the water to their baby. So now, our three families drink living water, wash with it and water our gardens. We are greatful that this information, and healed water eventually came to our life."

Ivana Andrlová, primary school teacher


"Before we bought the STABFOR® unit, I had digestive and oesophageal problems. I took daily medication for about 18 months. The tap water was very hard for me and it didn't make me feel good. Shortly after installation, I was able to stop taking pills, my heartburn stopped, and the water no longer makes me feel heavy. Today I drink much more water and I started to like it very much. Today we have the unit for more than half a year and I am completely free of problems. So, I definitely recommend the STABFOR® unit."   

                                                                                                                                             Roman Markov, manager, Nově Město nad Metují



"Water with STABFOR® unit is really tasty. There is nothing to smell, there is no aftertaste after drinking, not is there a taste of heavy metals. After showering is no coating on the body, with which we have ecperienced with the family. The biggest benefit for us is no coating on the body, with which we have experineced with the family. The biggest benefit for us is that we can let our litle daughter drink the water without worries, for whom we would otherwise have to buy baby water. And when the water is chilled it tastes just like water from a mountain well :)."

                                                                                                                                                              Barbora Markuzi, mum on maternity leave


"Before the STABFOR® unit installation, I used reverse osmosis, the water was without a chlorine taste, but I didn't like it. Now I feel very good about water and started to like it very much. Also, I don't feel chemicals from the water. So, I'm staisfied with the STABFOR® unit and can recommend it."

                                                                                                                                                                         Tadeáš Spousta, financial advisor


Pipes 1 year after STABFOR® unit installation. Right side - inlet pipe before STABFOR®  treatment containing biofilm (tap water), left side - outlet pipe after STABFOR® treatment free of biofilm.

Pond before and 2 months after BIONANOSTOP® application

Lawn watered with tap water (1st photo), lawn watered with STABFOR® unit water (2nd photo), land border (3rd photo). The plots are in the same area, the same type of lawn, identical soil, the same sowing period, identical irrigation frequency.

Other difference between lawn watered with STABFOR® unit water (left) and lawn watered with tap water (right)

Rainwatered tomatoes (left) and STABFOR® unit watered tomatoes (right)

                                                                                                                                               voda web


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