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Our clients' response:

 "We live in a family house near a village and we have our own well as a source of drinking water. From the beginning we fought with quality and taste of the water. We have always had water suitable and according to analyses in standards, but too ferric and hard, including mechanical impurities and turbidities. The water wasn't excellent in taste. We reassured ourselves that the most important thing is that we don't have to treate the water chemically. We tried some filtration, but it was always the main criterion without chemistry.

After installing the STABFOR® unit, the water has improved in taste significantly. If we perceive this ourselves, I might think we were infulenced by the consciousness of the unit installation, but changes were also noticed by others who knows our water, drink it and had no idea of the unit's installation. So we only have the best experience with STABFOR® unit. In a few months, when the "old" dirt is released from the pipeline, we want to try analysing the water before entering the unit as well as after the unit.

I can't describe exactly what happened, not do I know exactly what the STABFOR® unit doeswith water, but the difference is huge. So I recommend it to all who like drinking water..."

                                                                                                                       Jan Vilánek, co-owener of the Auböck construction company


,,After installing tne STABFOR® unit, we were extremely surprised by the water great taste and especially the effect on the skin, which really softened after showering. The husband has psoriasis in his hair and after half a year the deposits are not clear at all and skin is healed. When my daughters come to visit, they comment and praise that their hair is beautifully fine and shiny after washing... We also see a big difference in the colour and quality of the lawn, which we are watering with unit water for the first time this year. Several neighbours have already asked us how we do that to have such a green dense lawn. Overall, we are very satisfied with the STABFOR® unit and we can definitely recommend it, it is a great investment."

                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Koller, Ostrava


"My husband and I were just testing the water (only now the water in the boilers has changed) and it's noticeably different. It's absolutely incredible, it's kind of smooth and significantly better in taste. Not that we didn't believe it before, but to experience it is simply incredible. I wonder how it will be in a month when the entire pipeline will have cleared."

                                                                                                          Nikol Semiánová, a family house, 1 day after STABFOR® unit installation


"I am very statisfied with the STABFOR® unit, I especially appreciate the comfort of "live" drinking water, showering and brushing my teeth without the smell of chlorine. I water the garden with water from the well, which is treated with BIONANOSTOP®, which was not only reflected in the quality but also in the size of mainly green leaves of spinach and salads, also rapsberries surprised us with huge fruits. This year even the tomatoes remained healthy without mould until autumn. I highly recommend STABFOR® and BIONANOSTOP® and thank you for the admirable nice, helpfulness and kindness of the people at New Human Solution."

                                                                                             Anna Spoustová, disabled pensioner, STABFOR® unit installed in March 2019


"We agree with everything wrriten by Mrs. Spoustová, and we also have ZEOFOR®, which I cleaned after 3 months, so I saw how much dist it caught. My wife says our well water is now soft and caressing her body as she takes a shower. In additional, we feel that the dirt in the pipes is slowly cleaned. We are very pleased and warmly recommend this facility to all who have problems with clean water."

                                                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Příhoda, Uherský Brod 


"After a quarter of a year of using this technology, I'm extremely satisfied. The water is very tasty, soft, better than bottled. After a quarter of a year of use, I am unable to drink tap water away from home because I smell lots of chemicals in it, especially chlorine."

                                                                                                                                                         Marek Volf, Deputy Head of Nursery Scholl 


"Before we bought the STABFOR® unit, I had digestive and oesophageal problems. I took daily medication for about 18 months. The tap water was very hard for me and it didn't make me feel good. Shortly after installation, I was able to stop taking pills, my heartburn stopped, and the water no longer makes me feel heavy. Today I drink much more water and I started to like it very much. Today we have the unit for more than half a year and I am completely free of problems. So, I definitely recommend the STABFOR® unit."

                                                                                                                                                 Roman Markov, manager, Nově Město nad Metují

"If we can evaluate it in a short time, we are satisfied and the unit fulfils our imaginations."

                                                                                                            married couple Černý, 2 months after instalation the STABFOR® unit


"Water with STABFOR® unit is really tasty. There is nothing to smell, there is no aftertaste after drinking, not is there a taste of heavy metals. After showering is no coating on the body, with which we have ecperienced with the family. The biggest benefit for us is no coating on the body, with which we have experineced with the family. The biggest benefit for us is that we can let our litle daughter drink the water without worries, for whom we would otherwise have to buy baby water. And when the water is chilled it tastes just like water from a mountain well :)."

                                                                                                                                                              Barbora Markuzi, mum on parental leave


"Before installing the STABFOR® unit, I used reverse osmosi, wherby the water was without a chlorine taste, but otherwise I didn't like it much. Now I feel good about water and started to like very much. Also, I no longer sense chemicals from the water. So, I'm staisfied with the STABFOR® unit and can recommend it."

                                                                                                                                                                         Tadeáš Spousta, financial advisor


Pipes 1 year after STABFOR® unit installation. Water inlet to the unit on right side (with biofilm), water outlet from the unit on left side (clean)

Pond before and 2 months after application of BIONANOSTOP®

Lawn watered by tap water (1st photo), lawn watered by STABFOR® unit water (2nd photo), land border (3rd photo). (4th photo) other difference between lawn watered by STABFOR® unit water (left) and lawn watered by tap water (right)

Rainwatered tomatoes (left) and STABFOR® unit watered tomatoes (right)

                                                                                                                                               voda web

Implemented and tested in practice for the food industry:

When processing food, there is a lot of pressure on the microbial contamination of the entire production process and final product. We have developed and tested a number of fully functional, unique applications in the operation:

  • cleaning and maintenance of equipment and space – cleaning machinery, floors, tiles, etc.
  • packaging materials – antimicrobial treatment of materials of plastic or paper packaging
  • cooling systems – preventing the biofilm growth, algae, etc. on equipment - see water

Implemented and tested in practice for cosmetic industry:

  • antifungal powders for shoes and gloves
  • antifungal ointments and creams, anti-dandruff shampoos
  • production of deodorants that prevent decomposition of sweat due to microorganisms
  • production of antimicrobial dispensers for shoes, etc.
  • preservation and stabilisation of cosmetic bases containing water

Implemented and tested in practice for paper industry:

  • antimicrobial finish of paper – archival boxes, paper for archiving documents, special paper for food industry
  • water systems (emulsions) in paper production – treatment of water entering production processes and treatment of waste water – cost savings in total reduction in chemical products, maintenance of fittings and wastewater quality charges

Implemented and tested in practice for ENGINEERING:

  • technological water circuits – eliminating increases in algae on technology, keeping water at a stage where there is no biofilm and increases
  • cooling power plant circuits – reducing microbial contamination by at least two levels
  • cooling dairy circuits
  • car washes – preventing the formation of bacteria in the water circuit - familiar odours in car washes
  • cutting emulsions in the engineering industry – water stabilisation prevents microorganisms decomposing oils from reproducing, resulting in a multiple extension of the emulsion's life, etc.
  • anolyte circuit of a paint shop – the elimination of the fungus without affecting the technology, membranes and conductivity solution
  • molding machines cooling circuits for plastic profile production


Other orders implemented and tested in practice:

  • special grates for showers
  • treatment of textile fibres based on polypropylene, polyester, polyamide and cotton – common products, non-woven fabrics, etc.
  • aircraft fuel modification – preventing putrefaction
  • tannery – treatment of water entering the production process

We provide more detailed references upon request. Please contact us to learn more

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