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The intention of our company is to work with an interesting partner – an investor who is looking for exclusive use of their capital. The owners of New Human Solution s.r.o. and know-how are aware of the strategic and extraordinary scope of these technologies, a virtually monopoly on a global scale. It offers a potential partner long-term and exclusive nanotechnology solutions for international use with a fast return on investment.

Production technology for sale:

According to our analyses, our technology and know-how are currently exclusive and unmatched:

  1. Non-toxic sprays for microbial diseases of almost all crops, i.e. bananas, rice, etc.
  2. Non-toxic treatment of crops and plants in greenhouses.
  3. Know-how for long-lasting water stabilisation.

Competitive advantages:


  • Lack of competitive product – there is a balance between microorganisms in the soil and on the plant...
  • Protection of LAND & WATER + ORGANIC cultivation
  • Addresses diseases whereby there is no fully functional spray
  • Eliminate microorganism mutations
  • Increase in revenue by at least 10% with lower fertiliser dosing and higher quality
  • Higher crop shelf life during storage and transport
  • Functionality for a wider spectrum of microorganisms – we can make a broad spectrum preparation for the entire complex of microbial diseases in a given crop
  • 100% non-toxic and environment-friendly
  • Returns the original microbial structure to soil - a basic condition for nutrient digestibility, minimal to zero disease development, etc.
  • Zero influence on the state of health of farmers and growers
  • Positive influence on surrounding water resources + a gradual reduction in microbial water pollution
  • Extending the shelf life of products in the trading system


  • Lack of a competitive system
  • Organic cultivation
  • Addresses the entire growing process, i.e. cuttings, soil, watering
  • Comprehensive elimination of the impact of unwanted microorganisms on the growing process
  • Increases production by at least 10%
  • 100% non-toxic and environment-friendly
  • Zero influence on the state of health of growers
  • Extends the shelf life of products in the trading system

Water systems:

  • Lack of competitive product
  • Low investment costs
  • There are no toxic substances during application
  • Fittings and systems protection, no damage or stress to fittings
  • Removes and prevents biofilm
  • Prevents the re-growth of microorganisms
  • Water distribution and storage for several months without affecting the taste, etc.
  • Water systems protection at the entrance to the building for weeks + preventing biofilm formation + a significant reduction in scale + significant extending the life of technological equipment (for a period approximately twice as long, possibly more)

Development strategy:

New Human Solution s.r.o. continue developing new, non-toxic and environmentally- friendly solutions in the following areas:

  • Removing all toxic substances of organic origin from water, i.e. female hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, metabolites of these products, etc. – tested in laboratory, the technology is currently being modified for use in practice.
  • Cosmetics
  • Water systems
  • Plastic
  • Pharmacy
  • Paper industry
  • Agriculture
  • Avoiding rotting processes in fuels
  • Using our nanotechnologies in other areas of the economy

We offer capital participation in these projects under pre-defined conditions for the preferential purchase of created know-how, including technology application.


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