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We project balance throughout the entire natural system, which with its complexity ensures the health of people and Mother Nature



Implemented and tested in practice for the food industry:

When processing food, there is a lot of pressure on the microbial contamination of the entire production process and final product. We have developed and tested a number of fully functional, unique applications in operation:

  • cleaning and maintenance of equipment and space – cleaning machinery, floors, tiles, etc.
  • packaging materials – antimicrobial treatment of plastic and paper packaging materials
  • cooling systems – preventing biofilm growth, algae, etc., on equipment – see water

Implemented and tested in practice for the cosmetic industry:

  • antifungal powders for shoes and gloves
  • antifungal ointments and creams, anti-dandruff shampoos
  • production of deodorants that prevent decomposition of sweat due to microorganisms
  • production of antimicrobial dispensers for shoes, etc.
  • preservation and stabilisation of cosmetic bases containing water

Implemented and tested in practice for the paper industry:

  • antimicrobial finish of paper – archival boxes, paper for archiving documents, special paper for food industry
  • water systems (emulsions) in paper production – treatment of water entering production processes and treatment of waste water – cost savings in total chemical product reduction, fitting maintenance and waste water quality charges

Implemented and tested in practice for ENGINEERING:

  • technological water circuits – eliminating algae increase on technology, maintaining water at a biofilm-free state
  • cooling power plant circuits – reducing microbial contamination by at least two levels
  • cooling dairy circuits
  • car washes – preventing the formation of bacteria in the water circuit - familiar odours in car washes
  • engineering industry cutting emulsions – water stabilisation prevents decomposition of oils from microorganism recurrence to ensure several-fold fluid life extension, etc.
  • anolyte paint shop circuit – elimination of fungus without affecting the technology, membranes and conductivity solution
  • molding machines cooling circuits for plastic profile production


Other orders implemented and tested in practice:

  • special shower grates
  • treatment of textile fibres based on polypropylene, polyester, polyamide and cotton – common products, non-woven fabrics, etc.
  • aircraft fuel modification – prevention of putrefaction
  • tannery – treatment of water entering production processes

We provide more detailed references upon request. Please contact us to learn more

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