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Why use BIONANOSTOP® in building construction or reconstruction

  • the use of chemical organic products reduces human immunity, increases microorganism resistance and leads to a disturbance of the living environment balance and the environment in general
  • solutions on demand for ecological and health-safe substances
  • non-toxic variant for resolving the prevention and elimination of algae, fungi and bacterial contamination

Where it helps:

  • Mould inside buildings, on walls and in room, wall and joint corners in the bathroom or toilet, around windows, floors, cellars, concrete, thermal bridge areas, etc.
  • Algae and mould outside buildings, exterior plaster, insulation systems, concrete structures, roofs, etc.

How it is used:

  • By mixing into the building materials or direct application to this material, the treated material acquires resistance to the action and growth of fungi, algae and bacteria.
  • Prevention – always cheaper than remediation
  • New buildings or new building parts – allows immediate use of the building while protecting it from the growth of mould and algae during building material drying
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