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logo-bionanostopBIONANOSTOP® is a special ecological and chemically modified product (powder), which is applied to water collection tanks or wells. The product eliminates microorganisms in the water and ensures long-term stabilisation and water protection (the water doesn't smell, no microbial scar is formed). The water treated with BIONANOSTOP® is significantly better and increases the stability and durability of watered crops. The product can be used in all areas related to drinking, hot or technological water.


                                              Untreated river water   /  Treated water after 2 days    /  Treated water after 1 month           

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  • the water is clean, odourless, with minimal occurrence of harmful microorganisms
  • healthy and clean water when watering = healthy plants and crops
  • treated water increases the production and durability of plants and crops 
  • helps prevent re-degradation of water by microorganisms for 1 to 2 years
  • protection of watered crops and plants from microorganisms, pests and fungi

    Rainwater - untreated                      Rainwater - treated with Bionanostop


Specifications for water purification

  • well cleaning - purifies and microbially stabilises/protects water in wells and watter collection tanks, i.e. prevents re-multiplication of microorganisms
  • the entire purification process ensures living biofilm elimination in the pipeline and prevents its recurrence
  • application renewal is annually at minimum, with a higher microbial load of water, double dosing is required
  • simple application – the product is only pured into a well or collection tank
  • the product is not a classic disinfection - its effects manifest themselves gradually and the whole stabilisation process takes place gradually for 7-21 days


  • water collection tanks (barrels, sumps)
  • wells
  • ponds (if the pond contains animals, the application is different)
  • watering all crops and plants
  • watering lawns, ornamental plants and trees

BIONANOSTOP® price list and specifications

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