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logo-bionanostopBIONANOSTOP® is a special eco - fiendly and chemicaly untreated product (powder) that is simply applied into water collection tanks or wells. The product eliminates microorganisms in the water and provides long-term stabilisation and protection of the water  (water does not smell bad, no microbial slime forms). Water treated with BIONANOSTOP® is of markedly higher quality and also boosts the stability and resistance of watered crops.




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  • it cleans and microbially stabilises/protects water in wells and water collection tanks, i.e., it prevents the recurrent reproduction of microorganisms
  • the entire cleaning process ensures the removal of live biofilm and prevents it from recurring
  • the application is renewed at least once a year; if the water is subject to a greater microbial burden, double dosing in necessary
  • application is easy
  • the preparation is not a conventional disinfectan - its effects manifest themselves gradually, and the entire stabilisation process takes 7- 21 days
  • it sediments on the bottom and, as a result, is able to treat newly flowing water as well


        Untreated river water   /  Treated water after 2 days    /  Treated water after 1 month         

Bionanostop aplikace


  • the water is clean, odourless, with minimal occurrence of harmful microorganisms
  • healthy and clean water when watering = healthy plants and crops
  • treated water boosts the production and resistance of plants and crops 
  • it helps to prevent water from being repeatedly degraded by microorganisms for 1 to 2 years
  • it protects watered crops and plants from microorganisms, pests and fungi

    Rainwater - untreated                      Rainwater - treated with Bionanostop




BIONANOSTOP® is easily applied. All you need to do is pour the powder into a bucket with water and leave it to react for 60 minutes in daylight (ideally in sunny weather). Then just pour the water into a barrel, well, tank et.

The preparation can be applied wherever drinking, service or process water is used.

Where BIONANOSTOP® can be applied:

  • water collection tanks (barrels, sumps, IBS containers)
  • wells
  • ponds, aquariums (if the pond or aquarium contains animals the application is different and will be consulted with you)
  • watering of all crops and plants
  • watering of lawns, ornamental plants and trees

The price list and specifiations can be found here



Frequently asked questions:


How does the 1+1 offer work?

Just buy the BIONANOSTOP preparation and you'll get second, identical product only CZK 1. The offer is valid while stocks last-

For example, if you buy BIONANOSTOP® 20 and BIONANOSTOP® 100, you'll get two BIONANOSTOP® 20 and two BIONANOSTOP® 100  = for four BIONANOSTOP®, you'll pay total CZK 3.482 incl. VAT


Is applying the praparation only once a year really enough?

Yes, in most cases. Application is really simple.

All you need to do is pour the powder into a bucket with water and leave it to react for 60 minutes in daylight (ideally in sunny weather). Then just pour the water into a barrel, well, tank et. Select the package size based on water volume.

It begins to gradually take effect. within 7 - 21 days.


How will I know if I need to repeat the application more than once a year?

As soon as water quality starts getting worse - slime, odour. All water is individual.

As a rule the preparation is effective for the periods as follows:

Well - 12-14 months

Stainless steel, glass - 11-12 months

Plastics - 8-12 months

Ponds - 10-12 months

Notes: The quoted periods may vary and are only a guide. Water stability always depends on thequality of input water.


Where can I utilise the preparation?

In all water collection tanks including barrels, sumps, IBS  cantainer,  wells, ponds and desalination barrels.

The treated water can then be used to water crops, plants, lawns, ornamental plants, trees or for cooling off.


Can be used in an IBS container?

Yes, it si suitable for all types of collection tanks, barrels, etc. For IBS container it os particularly necessary to install a new tap at least 30 - 40 cm above the bottom (otherwise the preparation will be gradually drained off), the same applies to pumps in tanks or wells (the pump must be at least 40 - 60 cm from bottom to prevent the preparation from being pumped out).


Can be used in a swimming pool?

The preparation is not suited for use in a swimming pool - its sedimentation on the bottom would get carried out on swimwear, skin and in hair. The preparation would also be immediately extracted during pool vacuuming. 


Is it possible to apply to waste water?

Yeas, the praparation can be utilised for waste water or water from a domestic WWTP (waste water treatment plant) if it is solely intended for watering ornamental plants, laws, etc.


Can it also be used for bored wells?

Application is not possible in this case. It is only possible in the event than the water from borehole is conveyed into a pumped-storage reservoir where the preparation can be applied.


Where is it inappropriate to be use the BIONANOSTOP® preparation?

The preparation is not suitable for use in swimming pools, whirlpool baths, boreholes.


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