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The STABFOR® unit works on the principle of the synergistic action of vortex technology, several types of nanoparticles and energies in water, restoring the water to its "original rawness", taste and aroma of a clean, spring mountain well.

The STABFOR® unit is designed for water treatment of the entire water supply system in the building. The unit is installed at the inlet from public or private distribution to the building or its part, which ensures the treatment of the entire water system in the building.

Water treated in this way becomes stabilised / protected, where no new microorganisms or biofilms are formed. Limescale formation is limited in treated water, organic chemicals and their metabolites (hormones, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chlorine, etc.) are removed from the water in various proportions, and all fittings and appliances connected to water are protected. This guarantees a significant reduction in the cost of maintenance, repair of fittings and appliances through which the treated water passes - see example:



What will our non-toxic water treatment bring you? What can you look forward to with us?

Increase your competitiveness:

  • CLEAN AND HEALTHY water without chemicals for drinking
  • CLEAN AND HEALTHY water without chemicals for showering, bathing
  • CLEAN AND HEALTHY water in the pool - you are among the first in the Czech Republic who do not use chemicals to treat your pool water
  • Environmental responsibility - "Healthy hotel" = response to increasing interest in health

Economy and costs

  • Elimination of bacteria, including Legionella - emphasis on the health of guests and their pleasant stay
  • Investment protection - protection of pipes and fittings from live biofilm, limescale reduction - protection of appliances
  • Reduction in the consumption of cleaning and detergents by up to 30%
  • Quality - healthy water for the kitchen, laundry, heating and air conditioning - more efficient operation and cost savings
  • Reducing the cost of chemicals - water treatment for pools and wellness centres - our technologies fully replace the chemicals used to treat water in swimming pools, whirlpools, etc.
  • Unattended operation and minimum maintenance requirements, only change the insert, stabilisers and UV lamp once every year
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