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logo-stabfor2The STABFOR® unit is based on innovative technologies. It protects water against microorganism development and activity, prevents the formation of biofilm in fittings and reduces the formation of lime scale.


The device removes microorganisms from water and harmonises water energy. The length of STABFOR® unit use is at least 20 years. The STABFOR® unit use is versatile, i.e., for all water supply systems (drinking, hot or technological).

Approved for use 
  in drinking and hot water. 


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  • produces H3O2 /EZ water and free hydrogen (structured – live water)
  • purifies and microbially stabilises/protects water, prevents microorganism recurrence
  • the entire purification process ensures gradual biofilm elimination in the pipeline and prevents its recurrence
  • removes organic chemicals and their metabolites in varying proportions
  • reduces lime scale formation
  • unattended operation and minimum maintenance requirements – you only change the insert, stabilisers and UV lamp once every 1-2 years
  • no toxic substances are created in the activity
  • you can store water treated in this way for several weeks, months or even longer

Effect of a STABFOR® unit

  • clean and healthy water for drinking and bathing (the human body absorbs substances from up to 1.5 litres of water by showering)
  • increased vitality and energy, improved digestion, markedly improved hair quality, inner calm and balance (client feedback)
  • significantly better water taste = improved drinking regime
  • chlorine- and chemical-free water
  • can increase pH
  • watering crops increases their germination, therefore production and durability, helps to prevent mould formation and pest infestation
  • watering the lawn increases the quality and stability of the lawn
  • treated water that drains into waste positively affects/encodes any water it comes into contact with


 Economy and cost reduction

  • the pipeline is gradually cleaned of live biofilm, it's no longer created -> protection of investment and appliances connected with water (dishwasher, washing machine, kettle, etc.)
  • using treated and stabilised water can reduce detergent and dishwasher detergent consumption by approx. 50%
  • bathtub, toilet, wash basin. etc.. are not clogged with biofilm and lime scale build up
  • the use of treated and stabilised water brings great savings in industrial, food and other operations
  • treated water means less burden for waste water treatment plants – improving their properties

Comparison of water crystals 

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STABFOR® price list and specifications

In case of an individualised solution, the price calculation may differ from the price list.


Technical data

SP (Smart particles)

Specially developed nanoparticles that remove microorganisms from water and biofilm in fittings. 

 HERM (Highly efficient removal of microorganisms)

HERM technology is based on two pillars: UV radiation and innovative SNP technology embedded in a geopolymer matrix. Synergies and mutual support of these two factors ensure the elimination microorganisms occurring in the water and start the process of harmonising the energy in water.

MWB (Management of water balance)

Water cleaned with HERM technology is further treated using MWB technology with specially developed stabilisers. In the long run, it avoids any further microorganism recurrence, biofilm emergence and completes the water's energy harmonisation process.




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