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A taste of iceberg
in every tap

with the unique STABFOR® unit



The STABFOR unit® is not an ordinary drinking water filter –⁠ it is not a filter at all. It is a flow-through device that comprehensively purifies water throughout the entire household and makes it living, clean and healthy without chemicals.

 Why choose STABFOR®?

newHumanSolution 01 USP ikona jedno-reseni

A simple solution for the whole household

newHumanSolution 01 USP ikona lahodna-chut

 Delicious taste without the use of chemicals

newHumanSolution 01 USP ikona uspora-nakladu

A cost saving and ecological process 

More about STABFOR®

How we are different

newHumanSolution 01 USP ikona eliminace skodlivin
Elimination of pollutants

water free of chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, hormones and pharmaceuticals residues, including the removal of Legionella Pneumophila bacteria

newHumanSolution 01 USP ikona komplexni-reseni
Comprehensive solution

for healthy drinking water in one device. Simple installation on water supply

newHumanSolution 01 USP ikona cesky-vynalez
Czech invention

a family-owned company based and with a production site in the Czech Republic. Behind the development and production are specific people, our family

newHumanSolution 01 USP ikona individualni-pristup
Individual approach

from the preparation of a tailor-made solution for your home to aftercare and service

newHumanSolution 01 USP ikona unikatni-technoilogie
Unique technology

ensures the production structured living water

newHumanSolution 01 USP ikona vyzkumna-vyvojova-cinnost
Research and development activities

you can find out more about the focus and results of our work at New Human Academy 

STABFOR® price list and specifications

Type S is suitable for most households, as its capacity can comprehensively treat water in a three-generation family house.

Other types are tailored to the individual needs of the client. You can see the price list and specification view here.

Are you interested in our comprehensive solution for healthy and quality water? Need more information?

We know that every household is unique. Send to us a non-binding inquiry, we will answer all your questions and together we will find a solution that respects your needs as much as possible.

Who we are

We are New Human Solution, a family-owned company whose concept was born 30 years ago. We are based and have a production site here in the Czech Republic. Read our full story.

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More about STABFOR®

Lahodná chuť vody minDelicious taste

Healthy water should form the basis of our drinking regime. Water is in every cell of our body. Our bodies are made up of 60 % water (96 % of water molecules) and our blood is up to 80 % water (99 % of water molecules)).

Many people don't drink water because they don't like it. With the STABFOR unit® you will get tasty, naturally clean –⁠ purified water just like from the best water sources in nature. Children, adults and pets love the water. More about why you should drink water can be found on our blog.


Nejde jen o vodu na pitíIt's not just about drinking water

Few people know that human skin absorbs the substances contained in 1.5 litres of water during a short shower. The objective of the STABFOR unit®, is to provide you and your family with clean water for showering, brushing teeth, cooking and rinsing food, washing dishes and washing clothes. Because these types of water also affect us and influence our health.


Úspora nákladůCost savings

STABFOR unit®® treats water for the entire household. And with this:
- you save pipes, washing machine, dishwasher, toilets, showers, bathtubs, taps, sinks from limescale, prolonging the life of appliances
- a family of four saves up to 1 800 EUR per year on bottled water
- the pipes are cleaned of living biofilm which extends their life
- you reduce the amount of washing powder or dishwasher detergent needed by up to 30-50 %
-⁠ toilets and bathrooms become less clogged with limescale and biofilm, you save time and money on cleaning products


Voda pro rostlinyHealthy water benefits not only people, but also animals and plants

Growing without chemicals.

Your plants will spring up like mushrooms thanks to the comprehensive water treatment.

Higher yields, better crop quality without pests and fungi, longer durability, excellent taste.


Bazén bez chemieChemical-free swimming pool

Special pool technologies will treat your pool water. A pool like a mountain lake with crystal clear and healthy water.


How does STABFOR® work? 

Stabfor copyThe unit combines several of its own unique technologies, the synergy of which ensures unparalleled water quality. Detailed description can be found in the STABFOR® video.

The result of the whole process is structured water without chemistry and hormones residues, with a suitable pH, microbially stabilised without unwanted biofilms and with the taste of living water like from a glacier. 


Unit installation

  • the STABFOR unit® is designed for households and for apartment buildings, businesses and healthcare facilities
  • the unit is installed on the water supply system to the building
  • the use of the unit is very universal, i.e. for all water distribution systems
  • unattended operation and minimum maintenance requirements –⁠ you only need to change the liner, stabilizers and UV lamp 1x every 1-2 years. Replacement is simple and can be done by anyone, according to the video instructions, although we recommend hiring a professional plumber who is licensed to work with electrical equipment. If you are interested, you can also use our trained specialist. Instructional videos: Exchange set, UV lamp replacement
  • no waste water is generated when the unit is in operation
  • length of use of the unit – the service life is min. 20 years
  • the units are available in different sizes and the selection depends on the actual flow rates. Type S is suitable for most households, as its capacity can comprehensively treat water in a three-generation family house. Other types are tailored to the individual needs of the client. For the price list and specifications, click here
  • our company offers professional installation by trained personnel, but the installation is simple and can be done by any plumber. STABFOR® review installation video

OUR TESTING – Harmonious water structure

We have been certified by Dr. Masaru Emoto. More information New Human Academy z.ú.


Před úpravou STABFOR-1-min

water before treatment

Po úpravě STABFOR-1-min

water from the STABFOR® unit

Our customers' experience

See how our customers enjoy the STABFOR® unit:


Questions you most often you ask us

  • Do minerals and beneficial substances remain in the water after the use of the STABFOR® unit?
    The STABFOR unit® is a flow-through device, therefore minerals and beneficial substances remain in the water, only the structure of the scale is changed, thus reducing scale deposition.
  • Does using a STABFOR® unit affect household costs?
    STABFOR unit installation® reduces costs during its use. Protects investments – appliances and water-related fittings (washing machine, dishwasher, pipes, taps, etc.) are cleaned of biofilm, which does not form any longer. Using treated and stabilised water can reduce the consumption of washing powder and dishwasher detergent by up to 50 %. There is no need to buy bottled water.
  • Does structured water also work when used in the garden?
    Watering crops increases their germination, thereby increasing production and durability, and helps prevent mould and pest infestation. Watering the lawn increases its quality and stability (durability).
  • Is the STABFOR® unit suitable for both mains and ground water?
    Yes, the STABFOR unit® is suitable for both mains and ground water. In the case of ground water, we require analyses no older than 3 months and propose individual solutions.
  • What if my home has "risers" –⁠ separate hot and cold water supply?
    It is possible to install a STABFOR unit® on the shower/bath, where all bathing water will be treated. For drinking and cooking you can, for instance, fill a 5-litre carboy with a tap for the kitchen. It is also possible to have the unit only on the cold water supply, but when mixed with hot, untreated water, the efficiency is reduced. The most ideal and comfortable solution is to have one unit connected to cold water and one unit connected to hot water.
  • How can I install a STABFOR® unit?
    Our company offers professional installation by trained personnel, but the installation is simple and can be done by any plumber. STABFOR® preview installation video

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