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Water and its effect on the human body

lidske-telo-vodaWater is the most important component in the human body, making up more than 95 % of all molecules in the human body. Other molecules such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fats, etc., are present in the body with less than 5 %. Most people are mainly concerned with the above 2 to 5 % and often forget about the most important and the largest part of the human body - the quality of used and received water.

Water is the basic building material for the whole body, from a metabolic point of view it ensures the proper functioning of all processes and organs in the body, such as thermoregulation processes, the removal of toxic substances, facilitates digestion, overall regeneration of the body etc.

From a quantum physics perspective, water is an essential bio-information element for the whole of nature, including the human body. Looking at planet Earth, we see this interconnection very distinctly - 2/3 of the surface is formed by oceans, other water is found in rivers, lakes, water contained in soil, plants, living organisms, etc. We humans are in symbiosis with nature therefore, we can say that the state of water in nature directly corresponds to the state of water in the human body. What you give, is what you get back. What we gave to nature is what returns to us.

How good and clean water affects our health?

Drinking regimen is important to human health, but the amount of water consumed is only part of the total water volume received per day.

Washing and showering makes a substantial part of water intake which absorbs to body through skin. It is therefore absolutely necessary to realise the fact that more than 70% of all substances contained in the water reach directly the bloodstream in this way, then it goes to all organs in the body. In other activities, besides the ones mentioned above, we use water for cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, gardening, etc. We should also pay close attention to watering crops with quality and clean water that we consume. Water contained in plants and soil affects food quality throughout the food chain. There are many reasons to increase the attention to the water quality we put into our body...

"Water influences our life and it is up to ourselves what quality of life we choose."


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