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The STABFOR® unit and BIONANOSTOP® product are intended for treating water and water systems in a given industry.

We create our non-toxic water treatment solution individually tailored to your needs for various industrial operations. Below we show the proven applications in various industries:

Food industry

During food processing, there is great pressure on microbial contamination of the entire production process and the final product. We have developed and tested several fully functional, unique applications directly in operations, in particular:

  • washing and maintenance of equipment, including premises - cleaning machinery, floors, tiles, etc.
  • cooling systems - preventing biofilm and microorganism growth on equipment, etc.

Engineering and technological cooling circuits

  • technical water circuits – eliminating microorganisms' growth on technology, maintenance of water in the stage when no biofilm is formed and growths
  • car washes - preventing bacteria formation in the water circuit - a well-known odour in car washes
  • dairy cooling circuits
  • power plant cooling circuits - reduction of microbial pollution by two to three orders of magnitude
  • cutting fluids in the engineering industry – water stabilisation does not multiply microorganisms decomposing oils, the result is a multiple extension of the life of the fluid
  • paint shop anolyte circuit - fungi disposal without affecting the solution's technology, membranes and conductivity


  • tannery - treatment of water entering production processes and a positive effect on the processes in the WWTP


  • water systems (fluids) in paper production - treatment of water entering production processes
  • 6 times higher resistance of the paper against putrefaction processes

Industrial air conditioning

  • on the prevention of the problem of direct adiabatic cooling, when due to the increased temperature of the spray water the air quality is endangered by bacteria - Legionella formation, etc.

What will our non-toxic water treatment bring you? What can you look forward to with us?

Increasing your competitiveness:

  • Higher quality, product durability
  • The company's environmental responsibility, sustainable development
  • Motivation and retention of employees - the "Healthy Company" programme = response to increasing interest in health

Economy and costs

  • Overall reduction of operating costs:
    • reducing water consumption
    • frequent reconstructions of technical circuits are becoming a thing of the past
    • increasing the service life of technological equipment
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Minimum requirements for maintenance and operation
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials
  • No chemical or toxic stabilisation by-products
  • Water stabilisation - drinking, hot, technical, etc.
    • low investment costs
    • no toxic substances are formed during stabilisation, such as the use of chlorine, etc.
    • prevents the replication of microorganisms
    • water distribution and storage in the order of months without affecting the taste, etc.
    • protection of water systems at the entrance to the building in the order of weeks + prevention of biofilm formation + significant reduction of limescale formation + significant extension of the life of technological equipment (for about twice the time)
  • Water circuits stabilisation - cooling circuits, cutting fluids, etc.
    • removes and prevents the formation of biofilm, algae, etc.
    • prevents increases and damage to fittings
  • Waste - treated water also has a positive effect on wastewater (lower load for WWTPs)
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